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This website offers articles, books and other resources.

There are inspirational articles, and personal & business motivational stories. There are also articles about stress. And more.

You will also find many articles about mindful, proactive ways to improve relationships (couples & marriage, communication & conflict, codependency, commitment, divorce, family issues).

Couples / marriage:

- Why couples fight: 4 common marriage problems &how to save your marriage

-Lack of communication in your marriage & healthy conflict resolution

- Can separated couples reconcile & reunite? 5 steps to marriage separation reconciliation

- How to have a strong marriage: Radio interview on relationships & couples communication

- Couples communication workbook

- Pre-marital counseling

- What if my partner refuses to have couples counseling?

Communication & conflicts:

- Active listening exercises for more effective communication skills

- Passive-aggressive relationships

- What happens in communication coaching (Time Out article describig a session with me)



- Codependency: Symptoms of codependent behavior in relationships, and what to do about that


- How to deal with fear of intimacy & commitment phobia

- Commitment phobia workbook


- Emotional divorce advice: How to handle the emotions of a difficult divorce with dignity & integrity

- Marriage statistics, separation & infidelity statistics

Family issues:

- How to love unconditionally: Parenting & unconditional love in real life

- Paternal bond & paternal instinct in the emerging post-patriarchal society

Inspiration & motivation

- How change happens in therapy: Using mindfulness in psychotherapy

- How to take risks: Positive thinking is a proactive choice

- Proactive Time Management: How to manage your time more efficiently

- Life & Work balance: A "Whole Life" approach to personal development

- Self-motivation: How to motivate yourself

- Inspirational motivational stories about personal life & business

- How to improve self confidence & self esteem: Silencing the inner critic

- Cultivate optimism? The positive power of negative thinking


- Preventing burnout: Signs & symptoms of stress and burnout recovery

- Somatic (body-centered) psychotherapy

- How to express anger appropriately

- Proactive Anger Control Therapy: How to change the experience of anger

See also, outside of this site (opens in new window):
- What is stress? How to deal with stress proactively
- What is resilience? How adversity builds character
- Psychosomatic symptoms, pain management & psychotherapy
- Back pain, sciatica & Dr John Sarno's mindbody healing
- Uncertainty: Not knowing is making us sick
- The 5 (or 7) stages of grief & loss: Grief cycle & grieving process
- Demystifying mindfulness: Mindful vs Mindless
- Relational Mindfulness
- Beyond reactive: How to develop a proactive mindset
- Proactive vs. reactive thinking
- Mindfulness meditation: How to let go of thoughts & clear your mind
- How to meditate: Simple tips to learn mindfulness meditation
- Symptoms of anxiety / stress & burnout statistics


All my books can be downloaded as free PDFs at LifeSherpa books.

On this site, there are also articles about Therapy & Coaching


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