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Articles on stress, mindfulness & the proactive mindset

This page provides a list of the articles about mindfulness, stress and proactive mindset featured on this site. Please note that this site has articles and resources on a variety of topics. At the bottom of every page, one arrow points to "Free Self-Help Resources".

Mindfulness & proactive mindset:

- Relational Mindfulness: Demystifying mindfulness

- Beyond reactive: How to develop a proactive mindset

- Proactive vs. reactive thinking

- How a bodily felt sense helps you make difficult decisions

- Following your felt sense: The embodied experience of inner knowing

- Embracing fear vs avoiding it

- Felt sense & embodied presence: A shift from living in your head to living from your heart

- Mindfulness meditation: How to let go of thoughts & clear your mind

- How to meditate: Simple tips to learn mindfulness meditation

- The integrative process: A simple model of how we integrate experience

- Contemplation vs logic: How we make sense of experience


- What is stress? How to deal with stress proactively

- What is resilience? How adversity builds character

- Preventing burnout: Signs, symptoms & burnout recovery

- Psychosomatic symptoms, pain management & psychotherapy

- Back pain, sciatica & Dr John Sarno's mindbody healing

- Somatic (body-centered) psychotherapy

- Uncertainty: Not knowing is making us sick

- The 5 (or 7) stages of grief & loss: Grief cycle & grieving process

- How to express anger appropriately

- Proactive Anger Control Therapy: How to change the experience of anger

- Symptoms of anxiety / stress & burnout statistics

Other related articles:


Relational Mindfulness
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Relational Mindfulness
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