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Interviewing skills training: Job interview tips & techniques

Being really good at your job is not the same thing as being really good at interviewing.

Many people feel uncomfortable in interview situations, as in any situations where others are in a position of judging them. Furthermore, unlike a multiple-choice test, you are not judged on objective, well-defined standards. The subjectivity of the interviewer plays a definite role.

What’s being evaluated is your professional competence -- or the appearance of it. But there are also other factors, which are more intangible: what your character is (or appears to be), whether or not you’re likable (to the interviewer)…

To successfully answer job interview questions, you have to find a balance between:
- making some adjustments to correct problems in your approach,
- and remaining true to yourself.

This is very similar to what happens to political candidates as they “interview” with the voters. We all have read how “handlers” can be very effective in changing how a candidate is perceived by the public. On the other hand, we clearly see that too much “handling” can be counterproductive.

In other words, it's not a good idea for you to cram on "successful job interview techniques", "job interview tips" and other such self-help quick tips. You'll be better off defining a strategy and practicing to hone your skills.

I'll work with you on defining a strategy: how you’re going to position yourself, capitalizing on your strengths and smartly dealing with your weaknesses.

We will work on practice interviews so you can better understand how you come across. We will also practice how to communicate more effectively: establishing rapport with the interviewer, paying attention to body language, channeling your emotions, finding a comfortable mix between answering and asking questions…

Not all interviewers are alike. Some like open-ended questions (e.g. "Tell me about yourself"). Others like to ask tough questions ("What are your biggest shortcomings?")... In any case, you will find that being well prepared increases your confidence and poise in actual interviews.

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