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Proactive Change: Executive Coaching

The more you climb the corporate ladder, the more you are on your own. The more pressure you experience. Of course, you can handle it. But, over time, it has a cumulative effect.

I help you push back on the sense of pressure to hear yourself think, to contemplate more options than you thought possible, to find better ways to manage your direct reports as well as manage up.

Many people come to coaching because they're encountering difficulties in their job, for instance transitioning to a team leadership or a management role. Coaching helps you get a new perspective on the situation, and hone the skills that will lead to success in these new challenges.

But coaching is not just for difficult moments. Some of my clients see coaching as a sort of mind workout: It gives you a fresher outlook on things... the way that regular physical workouts will positively affect your body and spirit.

You can get from life coaching what professional athletes get from their sports coaching:
- You become better at what you're naturally good at,
- You keep performing at peak capacity, and enjoying what you're doing.

Proactive Change Mindset Coaching

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