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Creative dream interpretation: How to understand the meaning of dreams

A dream can be an incredibly powerful springboard into a whole new dimension of meanings. Creatively exploring the dream, and what it means to you, can lead you to deep insights.

So, I suggest you see the dream as a starting point for a creative process: You use the dream’s story and specific images as an entry point. You focus on putting yourself into the situation or images suggested by the dream... and you pay attention to what it feels like when you do so. I show an example of this creative process in this video:

Notice that this process is inspired by the dream, as opposed to dictated by it. We are not talking about a literal meaning of the dream, not even a meaning that is inherent in the dream. We are talking about a creative process that the dream inspires you to start and follow.

Exploring a dream in this way means that you are looking at it from the inside, experiencing it in a deeper way, as opposed to grasping for a standard meaning. It means living it, feeling it, so that deeply relevant meaning can emerge from this experience.

This gives you insights, which may or may not be easy to articulate into words. But whatever words you come up with, they will be rich in meaning for you. Because these words have a direct connection to what is truly meaningful to you: the experience itself.

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