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Motivation for change: Articles about coaching & psychotherapy

This site has articles about psychotherapy, dreams, career coaching and life coaching.

Couples / marriage:

- How to have a strong marriage: Radio interview on relationships & couples communication

- Couples counseling | Pre-marital counseling

- What if my partner refuses to have couples counseling?

- Emotional divorce advice: How to handle the emotions of a difficult divorce with dignity & integrity

- Couples communication workbook


- Preventing burnout: Signs & symptoms of stress and burnout recovery

- Psychosomatic symptoms, pain management & psychotherapy

- Stress & resilience: How adversity builds character

- Back pain, sciatica & Dr John Sarno's mindbody healing

- The 5 (or 7) stages of grief & loss: Grief cycle & grieving process

- Understanding the nervous system of highly sensitive people

- How to express anger appropriately

- Proactive Anger Control Therapy: How to change the experience of anger

- Uncertainty: Not knowing is making us sick


Counseling & Psychotherapy:

Proactive Psychotherapy

How change happen in therapy: Using mindfulness in psychotherapy

Humanistic, existential & spiritual: Psychotherapy in a larger context

Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy & Trauma Healing

A larger container: Somatic Experiencing resourcing group for trauma



Creative dream interpretation: How to understand the meaning of dreams

What is the meaning of your dreams? Creative dream analysis

Why do people dream? Does this affect dream interpretation?

Creative dream work: Tap into the power of the subconscious mind


Career coaching:

A proactive approach to career change coaching

Mid-life career change: What to do when (or before) you hit midlife crisis

Interviewing skills training: Job interview tips & techniques

Proactive 360-degree feedback: A creative appraisal / assessment process

How to market your professional practice

Life Coaching:

Coaching definition: Cheerleader or drill sergeant?

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching



New year's resolutions: New year, new mistakes

Why new year's resolutions fail & How to make them work

Resolutions vs wishes: How to make successful new year’s resolutions

Accountability: How to keep new year's resolutions

Self-motivation: How to motivate yourself

Practical resources for mindful relationships

Statistics: Top new year's resolutions & how to keep them


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