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Public speaking, experiential workshops & consulting

Public speaking:

I speak to groups and organizations about topics such as:
- Proactive vs reactive: How to develop a proactive mindset,
- Demystifying Mindfulness (in everyday life, at work),
- A proactive approach to relationships,
- Sunflower Mind®

These presentations are customized to the needs of the organization. Whenever appropriate, I turn the "talk" into an experiential workshop, in which participants are actively and creatively involved.

Consulting with organizations:

- Coaching a workgroup to function more effectively as a team, or to overcome specific challenges,
- Facilitating group process to reach decisions

Professional workshops:

Experiential training workshops and webinars with therapists and coaches, on topics related to relational mindfulness.

I also offer workshops or webinars on a pro-bono basis for some non-profit organizations - - training people who will then transmit this experience to others.

If you'd like to discuss an opportunity for public speaking, workshop or consulting, please contact me.

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