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Proactive Change: How to make the changes you want, in your life, relationships & work

Being proactive is not a mysterious quality that we have, or don’t have. It is a way of dealing with things, that we can develop and strengthen.

This site has a dual purpose:

- To articulate a vision of self-development and personal growth based on a proactive mindset and mindfulness. This includes articles about mindfulness, the proactive mindset, relationships and more. All my books are available as free PDF downloads. Also: conversations with kindred spirits, inspirational thoughts and visuals, etc.

- To describe my approach to life coaching and therapy. See below, and red FAQ rectangle at the bottom of every page.

Coaching, Psychotherapy, Anger Management, Couples Counseling, with Serge Prengel

There is an enormous difference between talking about what’s important to you, and actually doing something about it. Insight alone isn't much help if it doesn't turn into action. I help you make the changes you want, whether you have specific and concrete goals, or more subjective ones.


As I work with you, I pay attention, not just to the words you say, but also to the emotional content, the felt sense, all the subtle elements that are a gateway to deeper meanings. I give you feedback on the patterns you get stuck into. Together, we explore creatively how you can get unstuck.

Each session is an experience that you learn from, at a much deeper level than you would from just talking about things. What we do during sessions is meant to help you develop a more proactive mindset, a lasting ability to make the changes you want, from inside out.

How does lasting change happen? There's a shift that occurs. It feels like something is finally clicking into place. You really get it. From this place, insight is not an abstraction. You can feel it. It's very present, as if you could touch it, taste it, smell it. So it stays present in your everyday life. Day in and day out, you see things differently, and you act differently. Insight unfolds into action.

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coaching, psychotherapy, couples counseling

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