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How to market your professional practice

Being good at your profession is necessary, but not sufficient, to have a successful professional practice. Dealing with your professional practice as a business helps you be a better professional.

All too many professionals operate under the paradigm that marketing is synonymous with selling and pandering, and are thus uncomfortable with marketing.

The approach I work with is based on a totally different paradigm: Really effective marketing is not about finding ways to trick consumers into buying what you sell. It is about finding ways to connect with people who are potentially interested in what you sell.

In other words: Truly effective marketing for professional services is based on finding a resonance between you and your clients. Once you find this "sweet spot" of resonance, there is no conflict between effective communication and maintaining your integrity.

With this new attitude, you find yourself moving away from hackneyed approaches, and into ways to communicate more meaningfully and more effectively with the people who really matter: the people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

As we work on marketing, I can work with you on all aspects of the process, from concepts to practical implementation.

The work we do is concrete, based on the situations you encounter in your practice. One-on-one sessions help you deepen and energize your professional practice... both in terms of how you work with your clients, and how to better market your services.

This approach is based on creating an environment where you can tap into your creativity, experiment, and explore. The work we do is experiential. It is geared to helping you integrate the new approaches you develop into your current ways of doing things.

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