How much is your fee?

The fee depends on when the session takes place. The lowest fee ($350 for a 53-minute session) is at 10 or 11 AM, and 2, 3, or 4 PM.

The cost is based on my time zone, not yours. My time zone is EST (New York).

8 am$525
9 am$450
10 or 11 am$350
12 or 1 pm$450
2, 3 or 4 pm$350
5 pm$400
6 pm$450
7 pm$525

The following times are occasionally possible:

  • 8 PM: $650
  • Weekend: $750

Returning clients:
Your fee is halfway between what you used to pay and the current fee. For instance: You used to pay $300 at 10 am; the current fee at 10 am is $350; so you pay $325 for a 10 am session.

For corporate work (consulting or training), the fee is $750 per hour, with a minimum fee based on the project.

How do I pay?
Via Zelle or Venmo.
All major credit cards are accepted, with a credit card fee of 4%.