Is insight enough?

I’d like to share a thought with you: Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.

The image that comes to mind is that of a seed. It has the potential to become a tree, if only it is planted. It’s not the seed alone that makes the tree. It is the interaction of the seed with the nutrients in the soil, water, and sunlight. You cannot have the tree without the seed. But you cannot have it without the soil, sunlight, and water, either. And, of course, the time for all this to happen.

So, ideas are like seeds. Unless we do something with them, unless we get engaged in the reality of making them happen, they just remain seeds. 

There is an enormous difference between talking about what’s important to you, and actually doing something about it. Insight alone isn’t much help if it doesn’t turn into action. I help you make the changes you want, whether you have specific and concrete goals or more subjective ones. 

Key to profound and lasting change is finding the core of your inspiration and motivation. Without that, you’re like a rocket without fuel. A rocket needs a lot of fuel to escape the gravitational pull of Earth. And you need a lot of fuel to escape the gravitational pull of the way your life is currently set up!

But this is not just about finding inspiration and motivation. Our work together is action-oriented. I help you set meaningful goals, make regular progress, and achieve these goals. This fosters a sense of self-responsibility and accountability, in a way that is productive and self-supportive (the opposite of harsh, counterproductive self-criticism).   

This creative exploration is grounded in the present, in learning from experience, as opposed to rehashing old complaints about the past. This is not about pretending that the past has no effect on your present circumstances –- of course, it does. We deal with the impact of the past by noticing how it is affecting you in the present, and how you can change this.

As I work with you, I pay attention, not just to the words you say, but also to the emotional content, the felt sense, all the subtle elements that are a gateway to deeper meanings. I give you feedback on the patterns you get stuck into. Together, we explore creatively how you can get unstuck.

Each session is an experience that you learn from, at a much deeper level than you would from just talking about things. What we do during sessions is meant to help you develop a more proactive mindset, a lasting ability to make the changes you want, from the inside out. 

Over time, you expand your resiliency – your ability to deal with stress and challenges with grace under pressure. Another way to describe this is to say that you are better able, not just to overcome challenges, but also to learn from them, to make meaning from the experience, and thus be more prepared for future challenges.