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A larger container: Somatic Experiencing resourcing group for trauma

The following describes the purpose and approach of this adjunctive therapy group for people dealing with trauma. At the end of the page, you will find practical details.

The group complements individual therapy by focusing on resourcing within a group context:
- The group functions as a resource, a "larger container", for each of its members;
- The group gives members the opportunity to experience being a resource to others, i.e. to feel empowered in the context of dealing with trauma.

Building resources includes developing the ability to experience the body as a resource, through gentle practices that do not overtax a traumatized individual.

For instance: Humming together as a group can help members connect to a bodily sense of resonance at an interpersonal and intra-personal level. But it is not assumed that such an exercise as gently humming together is necessarily soothing to all members. The context of the group is that any activity can feel activating to somebody, so that all members develop a mindful ability to monitor activation, and to deal with it in a supportive environment.

The intent of this group is not to focus on any one specific type of trauma. Its purpose is for members to resonate with each other's efforts to contain trauma through titration (small, manageable doses) and pendulation (going back-and-forth between activated and resourced modes).

The group is led by Serge Prengel, LMHC, who is certified in Focusing, in Core Energetics and in Somatic Experiencing (SEP).

Practical details:

- A small group: A maximum of 6 people

- A limited duration: 10 sessions over a three-month period

- Adjunctive : All members must be in, and stay in, individual therapy

- Each session lasts 90 minutes

- Midtown location (W 57 St @ 6th Ave)

- Next group: If you can form a personal growth group with friends and acquaintances, please contact me.

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