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FAQ: Working with Serge Prengel

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Following are some frequently asked questions:

- What do your clients come see you for?

- How do you work?

- Are you licensed?

- Where is your office?

- How long is a session?

- How much does it cost?

- Is this tax-deductible?

- Is this covered by insurance?

- How do I pay?

- How do I know this is what I'm looking for?

- Contact info

- Supervision for therapists & coaches

What do your clients come see you for?

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- Feeling Stuck
- Anger Management
- Integrative Psychotherapy
- Career Change
- Couples Counseling
- Mindset Coaching
- Mindfulness in psychotherapy
- more ...

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How do you work?

Obviously, there is no such thing as a "typical" or "standard" session. It depends on what you're dealing with. Fine, you say... but you still want to know. OK, here are some descriptions:
- Journalist describes communication coaching with me
- Radio interview about couple counseling
- Radio interview about meaning of dreams

The above descriptions cover only a fraction of the variety of ways a session can be conducted. But there is a common point to all sessions: My role is to help you see things in a different way, to "get it" in such a way that you're going to be able to do things differently. See also How to make the changes you want (homepage).

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Are you licensed?


- Licensed Mental Health Counselor (New York State)

- Licensed Psychoanalyst (New York State)

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Where is your office?

These days, I only work online (Zoom or Skype) or by phone.

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How long is a session?

A session lasts 53 minutes (e.g. 10 AM to 10:53 AM).

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How much does it cost?

For corporate work (consulting, training, executive coaching), the fee is $700 per hour, with a minimum fee based on the project.

For individuals (and couples), the fee depends on when the session takes place. The lowest fee ($320 for a 53-minute session) is at 10 or 11 AM, and 2, 3 or 4 PM.


8 AM :


9 AM :


10 or 11 AM :


12 or 1 PM :


2, 3 or 4 PM :


5 PM :


6 PM :


7 PM :


The following times are occasionally possible:
- 8 PM: $580
- Weekend: $680

Phone sessions: The cost is based on my time zone , not yours.
My time zone is Eastern Standard Time (New York).

Returning clients: Your fee is halfway between what you used to pay and the current fee. For instance: You used to pay $300 at 10 am; the current fee at 10 am is $320; so you pay $310 for a 10 am session.

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How do I pay?

By check or credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

- How do I get in touch with you?

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Is this tax-deductible?

Coaching fees may be tax-deductible, as expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills. Please consult your tax advisor.

- How do I get in touch with you?

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Is this covered by insurance?

I do not bill your insurance. You pay me upfront, and you then submit your claim to your insurance.

My services would only be covered by your insurance if your plan allows you to use out-of-network providers. To check with your insurance whether my services as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor are covered (and how much of the fee is covered), call their Customer Care (this phone number should be listed on your insurance card).

Please note that your insurance may only cover in-office sessions, as opposed to phone or Skype sessions.

- How do I get in touch with you?

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How do I know this is what I'm looking for?

If you're interested, the next step is to see how well we can work together: Will I really help you make the changes you need?

It's easy to see for yourself: contact me for a free consultation, a 10- to 15-minute phone conversation. See contact info below.


Contact Info:

Use the online form to tell me about you. I'll call you for your free phone consultation, usually within a day or two.

If you prefer, you can call me directly, at
If I can't take your call right then, I'll call you back at a mutually convenient time.


Supervision for therapists & coaches

If you are a therapist or a coach, I can work wih you to develop your ability to come up with creative approaches to your work.

For therapist training: See Integrative Focsuing Therapy training program.

- How do I get in touch with you?

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